About Alyssa Alsip

Alyssa Alsip spent her early years on a ranch in Moreno Valley where she developed a love for horses, cats, and all of nature. Growing up it was very apparent that Alyssa had a natural talent for massage and an affinity for people; both were major influences in leading her to this career. She studied medical massage at Ashdown College of Health Sciences in Redlands where she graduated with an Associate's Degree and 1100 hours of hands on training. She has been working as a certified medical massage therapist for 3 years. Her passion for healing is clear in every massage and interaction. Alyssa is also a painter, dancer, and photographer. She is excited to be working with John and Redlands Massage Therapy. Alyssa believes that Redlands Massage Therapy is a good fit because the owner, John Webster, shares her values and approach to massage as well inspires her to continue to grow in her knowledge and training.

Alyssa Alsip, CMT

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