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Our medical massage therapy practice is conveniently and centrally located in Downtown Redlands. We embrace a results-oriented, evidence-based approach to relieve trauma, pain and discomfort related to soft tissue and body structure with medical massage therapy. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (909) 557-4415.

John Webster Namaste

“I’m not a ‘happy, feel good’ sort of therapist. I am a Fixer and a Healer. My approach is to listen to your body tell me what it needs. And then, through a variety of modalities and techniques, we change them together.”
- John Webster, Medical Massage Therapist 


Client KC Frost

My psychologist recommended John Webster, a medical massage therapist, to me. He believed that John would be able to help free my body and mind from some of the side effects of the trauma I had experienced at an early age. John’s approach is much different than the typical spa-type massage therapist; he uses several different modalities, including Craniosacral Therapy, during his healing sessions. Once you have a session with John, you’ll have a hard time ever settling for a traditional massage. Through our sessions I learned how to get in touch with my body and to listen to what it tells me. John helped me become conscious of my breath and focus on breathing deeply (an incredible art through medical massage). Now that I’m aware of how my body feels at its peak state, I’ve begun to heal and live a full life. I am forever grateful to John for helping me get in touch with my mind and body. His medical massage therapy enabled me to live my best life. 
 - KC Frost 

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