Emotional Trauma Release

Emotional Trauma Release is a therapeutic procedure that uses Craniosacral Therapy to free the body and mind of the discomforting side effects of trauma. The therapy focuses on establishing a strong mind-body connection to facilitate the release of emotional trauma and the resolution of physical symptoms.

Using this natural healing approach, the therapist accesses deeply held, stuck emotions that generate muscular tension and blocked energy flow.

Tissue memory is one of the important concepts in this type of therapy. Muscle tissues and cells can store memories that are related to traumatic experiences. When a muscle group is injured during an accident, a memory of that experience is formed in the affected tissue. This usually means that a small, unconscious contraction has formed in the muscle as a protective reminder of the painful experience. If the tissue memory is not appropriately released then the contraction will remain in the muscle as the injury heals, leading to future pain.

When these unconscious contractions are not released, they can spread strain to other parts of the body. Usually your body will adjust to these strain patterns and will begin to feel normal. However, later in life, these strain patterns can eventually cause chronic pain of which the cause is unrecognized.

The therapist uses a variety of pain-free techniques through massage, stretching and energy flow to engage areas of the body to evoke memory associated with the initial trauma. The patient can then become aware of the memory within their body and deal with it appropriately, in real time.

This non-invasive therapy is beneficial to patients who are experiencing problems associated with injury, physical trauma, car accidents and surgery or psychological issues, such as challenging life experiences, post-traumatic stress or abuse. It can be used as a complimentary therapy in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy to help relieve physical conditions intensified by stress, tension and anxiety.

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  • Aids in healing mind and body 
  • Helps with “letting go” 
  • Releases physical restrictions due to injury 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Tension release 
  • Releases body memories 
  • Detoxification of the body 
  • Aids in various forms of therapy 
  • Brings peace of mind 
  • Brings back balance 

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