Myofascial Release

Myofascial release relieves the built-up tension and tightness in your body.

Between the muscle structure and skin is a series of multi-dimensional layered fibers that hold the structure of the body together called the myofascial system. This system is an integrated web of connective tissue that binds movement lines of the body directionally. When you lift your right arm, this system is a great part of what draws your back and right hip up and to the left. It moves in a spiraling direction. There is a great deal of research that has concluded that this system is responsible for holding onto emotion from traumatic events. Trauma from car accidents, surgeries, PTSD or repetitive movements can be released through this therapeutic massage. 

Myofascial release, unlike any other, is a long, unwinding, stretching technique. Unlike the muscular structure, which is more elastic in touch and feel and can re-bound when pulled or stretched, massage of the myofascial system is more like pulling on hard plastic. The structure must be warmed up, pulled directionally and re-set, often more than once.

Myofascial release results in more freedom of movement.


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