Visceral Manipulation

Open Clam Shells

Visceral manipulation is a form of therapy the tracks the movement of your organs. The pattern of movement is based on gestational migration, or how the organs developed when you were being put together in the womb. Each organ moves in a specific rotation several times per minute, hour, day and year. In dysfunction, the movement has been altered or stopped.

For instance, in a car accident your body should be strapped in by a seatbelt crossing your torso. In the abrupt deceleration of a crash, everything inside your ribcage is thrown forward and crashed against the hard bones of your ribs. The liver, an almost five-pound organ, which is held onto your frame by ligaments, can be shifted and hyperextended. This shifting may cause the natural movement of the liver to change. Other organs can be effected as well. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of organ shifts may happen in a lifetime. These shifts of your organs can cause adhesions, discomfort or a palpable change in the function of organs.

Visceral Manipulation can be very beneficial in re-organizing the organ(s) to an original path.

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