Pelvic Floor

The Lower Abdomen, Pelvis and Pelvic Floor can be thought of as a world unto themselves. This world is made up of a series of bags, critical attachments, hollow tubes, major arteries, nerves and moving parts that are all in a relatively small area. These parts all work both independently and in conjunction with each other.

The Pelvic Floor is a vulnerable area and is prone to a great number of problems. Childbirth, hysterectomies, hernias, fibroid cysts, sports injuries, traumas and surgeries can all lead to pain and ongoing problems. Each of these tend to become a puzzle to be solved.

We do not perform internal work. However, we can, in most cases, make a great deal of difference externally. Working as a team, we can help free the restrictions you may be experiencing in the area of your Pelvic Floor. Using specially designed listening and manipulation techniques and our understanding of the basic movements of this area, we can work toward solving this puzzle and bring you relief.

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