Vibrational Energy

Off-White Blooming Flower

The action of homeopathic remedy does not occur through the same physiological pathways activated by the administration of conventional medication.

Everything in the world - plants, animals, even rocks - oscillates and vibrates to some degree. The key frequency of the vibration of an object or an animal is its resonant frequency. Vibrating or oscillating systems will maximally absorb energy if the energy is delivered in the resonant frequency system. For example, if you have two well-tuned guitars in a room and you pluck the E string of one guitar, the sound frequency of the plucked string will make the E string of the second guitar vibrate as well. The sonic energy is in the resonant frequency of the E string.

A famous example of the powerful effect of resonant frequency transfer is the Memorex tape commercial. In this commercial, Ella Fitzgerald’s voice shatters a wineglass by hitting the resonant tone of the glass. In the case of the wineglass, the amount of energy resonantly absorbed is so great that it literally shakes the glass to pieces. The wineglass example might be a form of “destructive resonance.”

Conversely, homeopathy may be considered a healing modality that works according to the principle of “constructive resonance,” where resonant energy transfer heals rather than destroys.

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